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Turned Wood Weed Vase with Tarnished Bronze Finish

Turned Wood Weed Vase with Tarnished Bronze Finish

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This stunning turned wood vase is the perfect way to display your favorite flower (or twig) in style. Handcrafted from high-quality, sustainable wood (red cedar), this vase was first turned and then burnt to accentuate the natural patterns of the wood grain. Will look great in any home. Turned by hand, it is surely unique.

The vase is perfectly sized to hold a simple arrangement of one or two flowers or twigs. The vase's patinaed finish is easy to clean and maintain, and if done properly will acquire depth and interest as it ages. The natural wood grain adds warmth and character.

This weed vase also makes a great gift for the discerning interior designer in your life. Sure to impress.


Handmade from red cedar
Finish: Shellac, bronze dust, Miracle Gro, Tung oil
Natural wood grain adds warmth and character
Approx. Size: 5" diameter x 4.5" high
Depth of hole: 2.5"
Diameter of hole: 1 inch
Thank you for considering my handmade weed vase! If you have any questions or special requests, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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